Below are the main rubriks i. Many complaints come only in winter; from sunset to sunrise. Profound despondency, with increased blood pressure, with thorough Disgust of life, and thoughts of suicide. Oversensitiveness; Staphysagria Staph. To noise, excitement, confusion. Violent pains in bones around eye Asa Foetida Asaf.

Intestinal keratitis. Cornea transparent part of eye ; spots and specks, on cornea; yellow in white of eyes; marked by a network of blood vessels on cornea. Sensitive smell Carbolic Acid Carbol-ac. Horrible odor from nose and mouth. High blood pressure - Valvular lesions of arteriosclerotic nature Aurum Heart; Sensation as if heart stopped beating for two or three seconds, immediately followed by tumultuous rebound, with sinking at the epigastrium. Behaviour industrious jumping; impulse to jump from height jumping; from window see suicide Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions about self; circumstances; of having neglected duty desire for open air Desires, wants death death; evening Symptoms follow intense emotions; ailments from grief Excitement Mental exertion Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition anger see irritability and quarrelsome anger see irritability and quarrelsome ; from contradiction anger see irritability and quarrelsome ; violent boredom, dissatisfaction see loathing of life ; weary of life see boredom, dissatisfaction, loathing, etc.

Intestinal keratitis Vascular cornea Pains from without inward Sticking pains inward Trachoma with pannus. Horrible odor from nose and mouth Knobby tip of nose. Anxiety region of heart Constriction, tension Fullness heart heart; ascending stairs Heart angina pectoris fat about the heart with nervous irritability fatty degeneration of heart hypertrophy of heart palpitations anxiety from exertion Inflammation heart heart; endocardium rheumatic Lungs; tuberculosis; damp weather or sea air Oppressed feeling heart from ascending stairs Pain heart rheumatic crushing behind breast bone on ascending pressing breast bone behind behind; when ascending stairs or hill pressing; heart ascending stairs Pulse Heart; Sensation as if heart stopped beating for two or three seconds, immediately followed by tumultuous rebound, with sinking at the epigastrium Respiration Dyspnoea at night Frequent, deep breathing; stitches in sternum.

Hernia; groin; in children Liver; withered liver Eructation Burning at stomach and hot eructations. Colour; yellow; light Milky Male Male; Pain and Swelling of testicles Chronic induration of testicles Atrophy of testicles in boys Male itching; scrotum pain; testes right pain; aching; testes pain; pulling; testes right pain; sore; testes; right pain; sore; testes; evening; 6 to 11 p.

Sterility; vaginismus. Coldness upper limbs; hands lower limbs; foot mental exertion Constriction; sensation as if bandaged; knee Pain joints; morning; in bed joints; movement joints; paralytic joints; rheumatic joints; wandering knee toes; rheumatic boring; leg; shin bone night pressing; upper arm pressing; forearm sore, bruised; joints tearing elbow wrist fingers; joints of fingers Paralysis; lower limbs; sensation of paralysis Rush of blood to.

Dreams frightful vivid Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; from before midnight; until morning Generalities Pain in bones of head, lumps under scalp, exostosis with nightly pains in bones Caries of nasal, palatine and mastoid bones Soreness of affected bones, better in open air, worse at night.Call Me Now. You can also chat with our doctors online for free guidance. One of the adverse effects of our enhanced understanding of some of the remedies is that we have unknowingly introduced baseless data into the materia medica.

This eye-opener article probes into this risky trend. Rajesh Shah, M. XI, No. One may unhesitant reply: Aurum Metallicum. My skepticism about this answer is based on the study of the drug-proving, which is supported by literature by T.

Allen, C. Hering and J.

aurum metallicum mind

I always see risk in the understanding of any remedy arising from the sources other than the drug-proving. Hahnemann has stated very clearly in aphorism that the only source of the materia medica should be the drug-proving and accidental proving; but nothing else.

Let us turn to the source literature Allen's Encyclopedia, Hering's Guiding Symptoms to review and investigate some aspects of Aurum mind. Allen writes in the Encyclopedia under the chapter of Aurum Metallicum: Constantly imagines he neglects something and deserves reproach in consequence He appears to carry this uneasiness about the mind.

These lines have been translated repertorially by Kent as: Delusion, he has neglected his duty. Kent re-writes the above description in his Materia Medica as: He has neglected something, his friends, deserves reproach in consequence of having neglected his duty. Hering writes the same thing: Imagines he is neglectful and deserves reproach in consequence. It should be noted that Allen and Hering state from the Drug-proving that Aurum feels that he has neglected something.

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They do not use the word 'duty'which seems to be introduced by Kent. One who constantly feels that he has neglected something does not necessarily mean that he feels guilty about neglecting his duty. The great sense of duty cannot be derived from the description by Hering and Allen. The sense of guilt cannot be overemphasized in Aurum as the term guilt is used neither by Allen nor Hering. Kent seems to have used the word 'duty' quite casually, as any teacher would probably do, but I wonder how he gave highest grade to Aurum in the rubric: Delusion, neglected his duty : AUR.

Self-reproach does suggest a sense of guilt in Aurum. But, it does not essentially mean guilt about neglecting his duty. An understanding of Aurum Metallicum as that of being dominating or dictatorial personality has no support from any source.

Allen, Hering and even Kent do not use the term dominating or dictatorial. Kunzli has admirably located and very nicely corrected the printing error in the Kent's repertory and replaced Aurum by Apis mellifica. It should always be questioned how the idea of dominating personality erupted in Aurum metallicum.

Another mysterious entry in the repertory for this remedy is 'Industrious'. Again, none of the above sources describes the state of being industrious or hard-work in Aurum.

Kent does not discuss anything featuring the hard-working nature of Aurum, in his materia medica. Amazingly, he has entered Aurum in bold capitals under the rubric 'Industrious'.Learn something new every day More Info A home herbal remedy known to help treat depression, aurum metallicum is a form of the element gold. The remedy is used to aid in treating a variety of other health complaints, including osteoporosis and joint pain. It may also be used for micro-nutritional needs. This homeopathic remedy can also be found in seawater, volcanic soil, or certain fruits and vegetables.

It is most commonly used to treat hepatitis, osteoporosis, rheumatismfrequent headaches, arthritisand general pain of the bones or joints.

Another common ailment the treatment is used for is mercury poisoning. The element may be used to treat alcoholism and other conditions requiring withdrawal support as well.

Many people who use homeopathic treatments believe that aurum metallicum can be used for heart issues as well. These may include arrhythmiaanginaand other conditions.

Weakened hearts are said to be made stronger by the remedy, and it may also make hearts more durable, decreasing the likelihood of future heart attacks or other problems.

High blood pressure is said to be lowered, if not completely normalized, by taking the compound regularly. Mental health issues and nerve disorders, like chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anorexia nervosa, hypertensionmanic depression, postpartum depression, and anxiety, may also be aided with the remedy. Sleep issues, such as insomnia and nightmares, may also be helped.

It's also used for hormonal imbalances, particularly those involving the pituitary gland. Some homeopaths maintain that aurum metallicum strengthens the immune system, and it is also said to cure infertility. Other conditions the metal is said to either aid or cure include mastoiditishallucinations, connective tissue disease, sinusitisendocarditis, uterine fibroidsand undescended testes. Used as a micro-nutrient, the homeopathic medicine can provide various common vitamin and mineral functions.

It may help prevent disease of the eye, and it may enhance overall eye health by restoring weak eyesight. Swollen glands, secondary syphilis, and congestion may also be alleviated with gold. In ancient times, the remedy was used as an anti-scrofulous and anti-venereal treatment. Other names for the medicine include aurum or aurum met. Aurum metallicum is available in both liquid and pellet form.

Liquid doses are usually sold in 0. Pellets can be dissolved on the tongue. A practicing medical professional should be consulted prior to using this remedy. You can blame the FDA for lack of information or studies, or standards.

I am not sure it is possible to have an allergic reaction to homeopathics -- herbs yes, but you might want to research at what level a homeopathic no longer has particles of the original remedy. You should have someone with training in homeopathics making recommendations for you.

As with doctors, some are more knowledgeable than others. Choose well. RobsLady Post 1 Despite how many uses this treatment seems to have, I can find very little information on possible side effects. I find this, as with other homeopathic remedies, questionable in that there are no studies on side effects or possible dangers. I think there should be more precaution when talking about homeopathic remedies - it isn't a "one-size-fits-all" medication.

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aurum metallicum mind

Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Thank you for helping to improve wiseGEEK!George Vithoulkas presents a comprehensive materia medica of the homeopathic remedy Aurum met, with cases to illustrate. Gold imprints upon the human organism the idea of self-destruction, of annihilation, of death. When introduced into the living organism, it tends to deprive the person of the will to live. It is the principle remedy to develop the state of loathing for life, desire to die, and tendency to commit suicide.

As several other remedies correspond to suicidal depression, we must here concentrate upon a description of the particular type of person, the character of the individual who requires Aurum. The central theme of Aurum is extreme depression and loathing of life which progress to suicidal thoughts and, finally, self-destruction.

These elements are clearly described in earlier literature. An extreme depression does not develop overnight, and not without earlier stages. For homeopathic practitioners the very best strategy is to prevent the final stage of the Aurum depression, to prevent the possibility of suicide.

The pathological Aurum condition usually arises in people who possess a serious and introverted character. They are generally closed people, responsible and quite refined. At the early stages of pathology one can sense that they avoid superficial contact and tend to remain rather aloof or sell-contained.

Generally they are very disciplined and highly ambitious. They seem to have the fundamental conviction that they are destined for a superior and esteemed position in life. Aurum, we must not forget, is the metal gold. Using an analogy, gold, if it were personified, we would feel that it held the highest position possible.

It is as if these individuals think that a high position in life is their birthright. This characteristic illustrates the egotistical quality of Aurum, and it is this egotistical element that will cause difficulties for these people later in life. They want to be, and feel they are, more capable than others; they have that conviction.

Because they feel that they have a high intrinsic value, like gold, they set very high standards for themselves and work hard to achieve those standards.

In fact, their high opinion of themselves is often justified, for Aurum individuals tend to be serious-minded, mentally clear, responsible and intelligent. But through this seriousness, ambition, diligent self-application and industriousness they seem to lose the sense of lightness about life, cheerfulness.

They will often say or convey the impression that throughout their life there has been a pervading sense of seriousness with a touch of sadness. It is as if a constant background of sad music had been playing in accompaniment to the events of their life. As the pathology develops, they will eventually go into a state of self-reproach, self-criticism and, finally, a feeling that they are worthless and incapable of accomplishing anything.

Homeopathy for Depression : Effective Ways to Fight Back Easily

Aurum children tend to be serious and aloof. Even at an early age it is difficult for them to establish close friendships. These children usually are ambitious and frequently attain prominence in their class at school.

Their parents will describe them as serious. At the same time one can see a sensitivity and refinement in these children.

The weak point of these children, and of Aurum patients in general, lies upon the emotional level. They are vulnerable emotionally, though they are intellectually quite strong. Externally one sees a person who appears quite normal; the vulnerability and extreme sensitivity is inside and not readily apparent on the surface.

Once they leave the shelter of the home and enter school, they inevitably encounter some difficulty, be it a critical remark by a teacher or fellow students, some problem with schoolwork, etc.

Critical remarks will have a tremendous and immediate effect upon these children.

aurum metallicum mind

Their emotional body cannot tolerate such remarks, and they seem to break down very easily.Make a Donation Join Login. Natural History. Aurum foliatum metallic gold. Alcohol, effects of. Angina pectoris. Bone affections. Breath, offensive. Corpulency, Depression. Ears, affections of. Eye, affections of. Locomotor ataxy. Mercurial poisoning. Naso-pharyngeal catarrh. Night terrors. Pining boys. Smell, disordered.

Testicles, affections of, undeveloped. Tongue, nodules on. Uterus, induration of. Vision, disordered. Gold affects profoundly the entire organism, exercising a solvent action on the tissues, producing ulcerations and the disappearances of new growths. Hence it is one of the best antidotes to mercurial over-dosing, and especially in cases of syphilis. Scrofula and caries of bone also find in Aurum a remedy. It also produces rushes of blood and hemorrhages. Boring pains and burning stitches predominate.

No drug produces more acute mental depression than Aurum, and in any case where this profound melancholy is found, Aurum must be well studied.

There is a condition of melancholy, hopelessness, profound depression, tendency to suicide and longing for death.

Aggravation from emotion.Since more than three years White TV's Dr. He himself also takes aurum metallicum every day in spite that he is not a TI, as far as he knows at least. The higher the potency the better, usually. Everybody should test themselves. The western Intelligence services have spread the rumour, that aurum metallicum has negative side effects, but that is a lie.

White TV does not know exactly how the gold helps against mind control, but it is most likely that it raises the level of the soul.

We know also that nothing is shielding against scalar wavesthey unfortunately penetrate everything. Therefore the destruction of the resonance is the only known way to day for the light-site, how to protect against the horrible mind control technology. White TV gets also every day hints with important info and suggestions for publications.

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NOT hypnosis, but emotional and energy clearings Reduce the use of cell phones and ipads. Negative Vibration is too much.

Aurum metallicum

Increase the use of high doses of Vit c This includes modern day meds and antibiotics! The use of Detoxamin and EDTA chelation can also remove some implants And one final thing is the use of Neodymium magnets placed over the spot on the human body where there are entrance points of physical implants.

These magnets should be able to lift kgs Discussions Member Tip us Send an anonymous hint Our sponsors. Today this hint came anonymously: The only way to fight this is this Discussion Oct.Jonas always seemed so full of smiles. Everyone loved him. He had three kids who depended entirely on him ever since the loss of their mother. But Mr. Jonas never seemed bereaved or unhappy about his grave loss. Then one day while shaking hands with the seemingly happy man, one of the colleagues noticed prominent scars and cuts on his wrists.

Jonas, the latter revealed that the loss of his wife compels him to do such things. The colleague then suggested homeopathy treatment for depression.

There are more than 14 million Mr. Sedatives and anti-depressants fail to cure the condition. But homeopathy works wonders. Homeopathy is an approach of alternative medicine developed in the year by Hahnemann. The origin of homeopathy lies in the theory of cures as postulated by Hahnemann. He firmly believed that the root cause of every ailment is a phenomenon or miasm. The administration of homeopathic treatment can address this miasm and thereby cure the disease.

Homeopathy works wonderfully for the natural treatment of depression. It helps to alleviate nervous breakdown and can effectively heal any form of anxiety, depression, and other such mental health issues.

Over million people, of almost all ages, across the globe, suffer from depression, with more women than men gripped by mild to crippling depression. At the worst, depression, both mild and severe, leads to suicide. Approximately, 80, people commit suicide every year. Homeopathy for depression is of immense help. The medicines of homeopathy get administered by the syndrome of the variety of psychological and physiological symptoms observed in the patient.

Homeopathy is not an ordinary antidote of the label of the disease but a fighter against the entire spectrum. However, the selection of the right combination of homeopathic medicines can be quite complex. The medication of homeopathy for depression works on the principle of biomimicry.

It works by enhancing the mind and body to adapt to stress and fight against the imbalance. So, instead of popping in a host of chemicals, embrace the goodness of homeopathy for depression. Extensive research and medical history suggest that homeopathy is not only remarkably efficient in the treatment of the various symptoms of depression but is perfectly safe for health as well.

It is especially useful for mild and moderate depression and can soothe the mind and render the patient as psychologically stable.