By hanniedogApril 3, in Cub Cadets. They are a Super garden tractor, wheelbase is about 6 inches longer than standard Cub Cadets, the extra length is all in operators leg room, more comfortable to run. Standard power steering, hyd implement lift and I think the diesels all had a pair of front remotes for things like power blade angling. Most have steering brakes, rear rpm PTO, and Cat. The little water cooled diesels stretch a gallon of 2 diesel about as far as possible, they can be turbocharged.

Just keep the radiators clean so they don't overheat. They normally bring a premium over the gas engines. The front hydraulic out lets were option with them. The cat O hitch and PTO were option also.

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The and that series was the last tractors with dual hydr standard. The only time you will see dual hydr on a is if the had a Haban 54 inch hydr angle blade. The Cat 0 three point for the is rare. Most three points were off the a. The three point has a spot to put the depth rod were the older three points didn't. The older tractor depth was changed on the side of the frame. Cub changed that because someone got caught in the linkage. Either three point will work on either tractor.

This seties tractors came standard with power steering and turning brakes. Also you can adjust the seat and steering wheel which iS nice. The bad is the hood and grill are plastic and do break. Cub tried to solve the plug radiator by up dating the side panels with screens in them to catch the leaves and grass. It did work except now the radiator got plugged from stuff sucked from below. By this time cub had moved on to the next series tractors.

Most guys solved that problem by adding a screen from a or like tractor to catch the grass and leaves from below. Cub Cadets Search In.Part Number: KB Part Number: Part Number: A Part Number: A. Part Number: KB-1G Part Number: KB-1T Part Number: SU Part Number: SUP.

cub cadet 1782

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cub cadet 1782

When you have a lawn tractor, regardless of the make or model, there will typically come a time when you will need to do some routine maintenance or repairs. This is especially true if you frequently use your garden tractor. Fortunately, cubparts. Cub Parts offers genuine OEM tractor parts for your convenience. Their easy to navigate website makes it quick and convenient to find the parts you need, regardless of which model you have. In fact, with their online parts lookup diagram, identifying exactly what you need will be extremely quick and easy.

When you visit cubparts. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, contact the Cub Parts customer service department. Their goal is to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with both the parts they receive as well as the service. While the online parts diagram makes locating the correct part very easy, if you ever have any questions or need the advice of someone more experienced, be sure to give Cub Parts a call. Their experienced staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of Cub Cadet parts and tractors, they will be able to help you with any questions you have regarding replacement parts.

If for some reason you do not see what you need, give them a call and their experienced staff will likely be able to help you locate the needed part. Additionally, if you are uncertain regarding which part to order, Cub Parts will gladly help you complete your order. Their easy online ordering makes getting your original factory parts very simple; however, the parts experts at Cub Parts are always willing to take your order over the phone, if you prefer.

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Please use our free classifieds or one of our site sponsors for your tractor and parts needs. If i keep trying it will eventually crank after about ten tries. I replaced the ignition switch and the mower switch to no avail. I have put up with this for about ten years a a couple of new batteries.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Probably done.

cub cadet 1782

Replace the solenoid. Within the solenoid are contacts which complete the battery to starter circuit. Quite possible the contacts are damaged. If the problem is not the solenoid - then it's the starter.

It will start like a new machine. The diesel engine needs a lot more cranking amps, which is why they used an automotive battery in those tractors. It's common to have it replaced wiht a lawnmower battery because most folks just don't know the difference, or it was already done when they got it.

Unfortunately, the original battery is an odd size, and you almost have to have NAPA or a battery store order one. You also need to tripple check all your ground wires.

I've run into starting problem, just as you've described, on several Kubota and Yanmar tractors. The problem I've found is voltage drop between the starter key switch and the starter solenoid. You can verify if this is the problem by doing a voltage test at the small terminal of the solenoid.

The start signal from the key switch sometimes passes through a couple safety switches before it arrives at the starter solenoid, each switch or device or even extended runs of wire will reduce the voltage a small amount. The purist would suggest replacing these components, to get it back to new performance but I have an easier and cheaper solution. I wire in a small relay at the starter, that takes very little current to activate and which supplies full battery voltage to the solenoid.

I've done about a half dozen of these on problem tractors and all have worked perfectly. I did check the voltage from the key switch to the solenoid and it was about 7 volts when the solenoid just clicked. I also ran a jumper from the battery to the solenoid and it cranked every time. As I said, I've run into that several times.

A couple years ago, I had two late model Kubotas in my shop, both with this starting problem.

I even tried a new solenoid on one of them and it made the problem worse instead of better. I haven't found this problem on any of my older Kubotas, the only safety on them is the clutch switch.Login or Sign Up.

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cub cadet 1782

Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Thoughts on aAM. Been wanting a super and found a I think I'd like to own. What are things to look out for?

Im familiar with the cyclops era tractors but not the diesel. I know some of the kubota engines had some issues and are are costly to repair but I cant recall if this was a good one or one to avoid. I've had a handful of cummins dodges so Im not completely new to diesel engines but this would be my first diesel tractor.

Tags: None. The engine lasts forever as long as it wasn't overheated. Good engine. The diesel tractors hammer the driveline to pieces. It will likely need a lot of electrical work.

The CC diesel tractors and the cyclops in general had terrible electrical systems. Fuel system will likely need completely cleaned out and new fuel lines. The fuel systems on the cyclops were generally neglected. Big fuel tank, better driveline than the previous machines. Good tractor to own. But the Kubota engine and a diesel in general is more costly to own. I've got a lot of Cubs in the barn Comment Post Cancel. Thanks Jonathan, thats good info to take with me.

Unless its a rough neglected pos its probably coming home with me. You are right about the electrical systems.

1996 Cub Cadet 1782 Diesel Start-Up

I am not impressed with the wiring on my other cyclops tractors but the 2 runners I have run great. I understand the diesel tax on parts, I just wanted to make sure this was a reliable engine and not the one that eats cam gears or whatever it was I cant recall exactly which engine did that. The Kawasaki engine was the one that ate cam gears. Ahhh yes thats the one. At least they both started with a K. Pics when you get it. I'd love to have a or a but they just don't come up for sale around here.ALL items with the are ready to ship.

International and Canadian orders Email for shipping cost before ordering. Keep your Cub clean and ready for action! I tried it on my as well as my and it fit them all just fine. Color: Silver. Fits most non-commercial Cub Cadet riding mowers. Perfect Match to stock. Original OEM hoods were made out of. OEM hoods were made out of. Made specifically for the Special but will fit all models below.

Fits,,, IH R1. Also includes the rubber dash gasket that OEM did not have. LH hood hinge for 82 series tractors. Comes with complete grade 5 hardware to fit any of the listed tractors above. May fit more with slight modifications.

Will carry more than pounds with ease. It is meant to act as a grill guard or when in the "laid down" position it is meant to act as a "carry-all" Actual shipping applies.

A business address is always a lot cheaper. Click the Cub Below to Email Us:. Copyright CC Specialties. All rights reserved. MTD Products Inc. For more information concerning the latest in Cub Cadet tractors, please visit www. Clutch Driveline Parts.

Driveline Rear-end Parts. Haban Parts. Electric Lifts. F ilters.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted March 25, - PM. I responded within 8 minutes of the posting, using 2 accounts. I was very lucky indeed!! I even offered to pay via Paypal to clinch it but he said he was a man of his word, thank goodness.

The first thing he said to me today when picking it up was, " I think I put to low of a price on it", I said "yes you did". He had no idea what it was worth, his words. The good thing for him was he got it for FREE, well for putting in time at an institution. Does it have rear pto3pt lift?

Start it's own thread on it when you get pics. I like men of their word, there are not as many of them around anymore. You got a steal. Now the thing I want to know is that is one hell of a coincidence you and I were both going after the same tractor and you registered and your first post was in my thread about the same tractor? After I got it home today I did a Google search on cub looking to see if others had seen the post and were interested.

Other hobby groups seem to always point out these posts with many being bogus with a price like this. I have another deck for it though Posted March 26, - PM.