Decent food served in a pleasant space with mediocre service. We had booked through dine Athens but when we arrived there was no reservation. Luckily there were available tables. For 60 euro per head one would expect a larger amount of food. Most things were The biggest disappointment however was the state of the wash rooms.

Pretty disgusting and freezing cold. After eight days in Greece we were ready to have something a little different. This place definitely fit the billit was festive,exotic and delicious! The drinks were well balanced. Portions were good and service was relaxed.

Nikkei, Athens

Definitely wish it were in my A plate for 15 Euro or more should at least be cohesive both in terms of apperiance Reading the menue you say woooow but when it comes on the table you start thinking if you made the right choise. Best dish was the dessert Great place, great food. Outstanding Asian food and the service was attentive but not invasive. Lovely ambience in a cute garden setting.

Will certainly revisit and will recommend. Nikkei was simply absolutely amazing! The decor and atmosphere right away take you at an exotic, elegant and rejuvenating landscape.

The waiters are helpful, kind and welcoming, made us feel comfortable as soon as we where seated. When you go at fancy restaurants like this, But enough of the peripherals, let's talk about the food! We where a party of five, we started with a couple of cocktails which were delicious and following the waiters recommendation, perfect to clean our palette for what was going to come next. We had a couple of salads, we got the duck salad and milokopi salad which were fantastic, loved the acidity and spiciness!

nikkei athens

By this time we knew that we really in for a treat! The starters came, we got the tuna suchi rolls, duck buns, salmon tiradito and causas with shrimp. The plating was gorgeous,but the food was exquisite!Liberal democracies must rise to protect the multilateral rules-based order. Dave Sharma was Australia's ambassador to Israel from to Someway into the novel, we realize that it is actually set years into the future, around AD.

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Located in Mets, the most artistic neighborhood of Athens, Huaca Nikkei Resto Bar elevates the Nikkei cuisine —as this blend of flavorful Peruvian tradition and Japanese techniques is officially called— and reveals one of the most popular contemporary culinary trends. The setting, featuring a long bar, sophisticated decorative elements, ethnic details, Latin American influences and Japanese zen vibes is part of a meticulous design concept focusing on the balanced combination of flavors, colors, aromas, ingredients and cultures, for a complete fusion dining experience.

Nikkei Peruvian Resto-Bar

Without a doubt, the protagonist of the catalogue is the famous Peruvian ceviche seafood fillet, marinated in citrus juicefollowed by tiraditos, the Peruvian version of sashimi, where fish or other seafood is thinly sliced and served in citrus juice.

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Huaca Nikkei Resto Bar With a name inspired by the sacred pyramids of Peru that served as religious and administrative centers of the ancient Inca Empire, Huaca bar-restaurant becomes the ambassador of the modern Peruvian gastronomy.

Check Our Menu. Choose your flavour Located in Mets, the most artistic neighborhood of Athens, Huaca Nikkei Resto Bar elevates the Nikkei cuisine —as this blend of flavorful Peruvian tradition and Japanese techniques is officially called— and reveals one of the most popular contemporary culinary trends.

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nikkei athens

Cookies To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too.Portfolio About Contact. Nikkei, Athens. Previous project. Next project. Isolation V — Reading — Day 13 — Utopia XII — some good news? Impatience I — Eager to work again — Day 37 — Optimism I — the kiss — Day 45 — Surrealism I — I want to break free — Day 48 — Greek Reality — Saturday Night — Day 50 — Dystopia VI — a headache — Day 44 — Impatience II — trading places — Day 40 — Utopia XI — dreaming of Wimbledon — Day 30 — Utopia X — someone serve me a drink — Day 29 — Isolation X — a friend — Day 26 — Desperation I — end of part I — Day 19 — Isolation VI — Training — Day 14 — Utopia II — Day 10 — Cooking I — Day 7 — Isolation I — Isolation IV — Reflect — Day 11 — Lukas Karytinos — Musical Artist.

Vlasios Maras — Gymnast. Lefteris Voyatzis — Actor, Director Panos H. Koutras — Greek Filmmaker Dimitrios Reppas — Politician Mark Mazower — British Historian, Author.The food was really interesting and tastythe staff super friendly.

Don't miss it! Especially the summer "version" just under the Saint George Lycabetus hotel, in one of the best spots of Athens. Exquisite food, the guys chose the best Peruvian recipes and took them Not wanting to travel far from our hotel St George Lycabettusand seeing how popular it was the prior evening, we ventured in for a light meal after pm. What first struck me was how attentive the staff was toward customers. We were immediately We book this amazing location for dinner and in the first we get' s a gently welcome by the waiters.

After a detailed presentation of the cocktails and menu's start's the evening with two very good Pisco- cocktails. Then, the main course: A black Peruvian with a Japanese influence Great decor, excellent service, fabulous food, and great wine and cocktails! We started with sea bass ceviche- so tasty, great citrus flavours, octopus and chorizo taco- unbelievably good, flap steak and Chilean sea bass, which was sensational!!

The atmosphere, the food, the cocktails are the main reasons you will be back! A little gem in the heart of Athens!

nikkei athens

We were there in a Group of The Cocktails, i tried 3 of them were awesome. Happy to say that i was Not the one who had to pay :D. It has the rumour of being one of the best restaurants in Athens. They have an excellent service and staff that really keen to help you choose a dish. Cocktails are also excellent but the food was less tasty that what I was expected. If you love ceviche and pisco sour this is the place! You add to the above a tartar and a good wine, you have an excellent dinner!

Negative part, the ignorance of the staff Too much tattoos and attitude, instead of kindness and effectiveness Come early so you can enjoy the place Smoking is still permitted Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Nikkei, Athens.So we ended in this restaurant by mistake, thinking it was a completely different, cheap, Greek restaurant.

Never mind. The food was Our server was absolutely amazing, friendly, chatty, and looked after us the entire time we stayed. We just discovered some prices as the bill came.

So be prepared! Bad service. Terribly overpriced and tiny portions with no effort put into them. Paid 16 euro for 4 bite sized pieces of chicken and charged 3. Fast food tastes, bad service, trying to skyrocket the bill.

Being routinely asked for still or sparkling water u get a ml bottle for 5 euros. U get extra sides on the dish without being asked, surely with an extra charge. Toilet is dirty and Not recommended. A mediocre restaurant at exorbitant prices. Poor menu, fast food tastes. Is there anything Juicy with a slight mango sauce. A very attentive and efficient service too. Thank you Nektarie for the suggestions, from the Dine Athens menu! Excellent sweets too.Nikkei Peruvian Resto-Bar is rated 4.

Yes, you can generally book this restaurant by choosing the date, time and party size on OpenTable. Due to local restrictions, this restaurant may not be accepting reservations at the moment.

Nikkei: The Japanese-Peruvian Culinary Sensation

Skip to Main Content. Sign up Sign in. Now's the time to support your favorite restaurants. Full List of Metros. Overview Menu Reviews. Nikkei Peruvian Resto-Bar. Top Tags : Good for Anniversaries. Good for a Date. Menu Main Menu Cocktails. Ceviches and Salads. Salmon salad, wafu dressing, sesame and kimchee. Tuna Roll. Steak 'n Eggs Nigiri.

Alternative Tiradito nigiri. Tacos platano macho, octopus, chorizo, daikon tomatillos salad. Causa smoked chicken, truffle, manchego cheese. Causa-Ki, shrimp, avocado, sweet potato thread, daikon tomatillos salad. Octopus, tomatillos mayo, fried lotus root, star fruit salad.