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Mcfk NoTubes Rohloff Sapim. Tune Schmolke Swissstop Xentis. Canadian Dollar CAD - 1.Veloflex is a small scale Italian operation built from the remains of Vittoria after that firm shifted production to Taiwan a few years ago.

In fact, the staff at Veloflex have so much experience and talent, gained from their years of tyre manufacture at Vittoria before Veloflex existed, that a large number of the ProTour riders use Veloflex tyres albeit rebranded by their sponsors Fabian Cancellara is a known proponent of their Carbon tubular. The company is very soon to hit the big time now that a certain Mr Wiggins just powered onto the podium with a very subtle white Veloflex painted on his sidewalls….

Not much, you think? Where does this weight saving come from I hear you ask? Well two places actually — the first is the puncture protection belt; or lack of one for that matter.

The Masters have no real puncture protection belt to speak of and you can really see and feel that when handling the tyre. The central area bears a very thin file tread and sits totally flat when not inflated — not the constant curve of a puncture belt that most tyres look like. And the second place? The sidewall, naturally. The Masters have a very lightweight unprotected cotton sidewall that is a part of a good tpi casing. This sidewall design and lack of Kevlar puncture belt makes for an incredibly supple tyre and there lies crux of it.

The tyres are so supple in fact that I run the front and rear at 10psi higher than I would run the GPs and suffer no loss in comfort. So, what do Veloflex do differently that makes their tyres so supple? As well as being supple, the Master is also a fabulously grippy tyre and inspires real cornering confidence on less than excellent road surfaces where the general suppleness of the tyre really irons out the bumps, whilst keeping as much of the tread in contact with the road surface as possible.

Mine were a tight fit on my rims Mavic OpenPro and Veloflex sternly warn you against the use of any mounting tools in case you damage the delicate sidewall and bead.

In my case a good dash of talcum powder kept the inner tube happy and pinch-free. So, how are they holding up? Very well, actually. My riding takes me through London, Surrey, Kent and Essex and they have held up very well to everything the roads have been able to throw at them. I must confess that I recently got caught out riding home in a prolonged and heavy downpour and suffered a double puncture one front, one rear. Two pieces of flint had slipped straight in and taken the tubes with them.

The tyres are fine though, with no big holes to get in a twist over. That said, it can be cleaned fairly easily. How about that, eh? You must be logged in to post a comment. Home Reviews Veloflex Master Tyre. Veloflex Master Tyre. Paul Horta-Hopkins October 3, 1.

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Your local Bike Shop, on wheels. No more hassle. We come directly to you. Get Started. Your Mobile Bike Shop experience awaits A service that comes to you.Submit Close. Create Account Forgot Password. Mirroring the super-fast center-section and durably fast and comfortable 35mm carcass with tpi, this tire benefits from slightly. Fulfilling the legacy! Technology from hell! The Grand Prix S II is the reference tire in the road bike market and has gone through numerous stages of evolution.

The discreet bead strip allows them to color coordinate the tire to match your. The best allrounder in the field, brought to a whole new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortable and with increased puncture protection. Made to make you better.

The GP Force is a powerful rear wheel specialist and with its 24mm section combined with a fast BlackChili Compound offering excellent traction and road handling thats second to none. The tire is made with Vectran puncture protection. An extra-wide PolyX Breaker protects against thorns, glass and other sharp objects. With the Grand Prix Supersonic, your wheels can be tuned to an absolute minimum weight and rolling resistance.

The tire, together with a Race 28 Supersonic tube, make up just gram of the wheel weight! Its approved slick tread and BlackChili. Yksion An accessible option featuring all the performance, quality, safety and durability of a Mavic tyre Key benefits Comfort and grip New compound formula improves grip 25 mm and 28 mm options available Lightweight 25mm.

It is made to match with the performance of Mavic front Wheel-Tyre. The light Road UST tyre, with super low rolling resistance and superior grip, that solves the issue of installation Low rolling resistance and extra speed No more friction between tyre and tube New exclusive 11 Storm compound reaches.

Michelin Country Dry 2 Tyre Michelin produces cutting-edge tyres for optimum safety, economy and performance. With over years' experience, why would you buy anything else? Features: For dry, hard-packed terrain Diameter. Tough enough for hardpacked and rocky trails, it also offers astonishing grip in wet conditions when traction is at a premium. Michelin Country Rock Tyre Michelin produces cutting-edge tyres for optimum safety, economy and performance.

Features: Diamond tread well suited to hard pack.

Veloflex Master Tyre

Michelin Country Trail Wire Tyre With a tread pattern similar to top-of-the-line Michelin tires for competition, the Country Trail provides outstanding grip on smooth trails. Designed for recreational riding and casual excursions. The MICHELIN Cyclocross Jet was specially developed for dry and hard-packed terrain, with excellent grip and low rolling resistance Built for speed with low rolling resistance A siped tread design that maximises your efficiency in.

Developed for extremely wet conditions, the 'Mud 2' is also a light weight tyre with a smooth ride. Ideal for heavy mud conditions Black Silicium tread compound Rolls fast Sheds mud easily Aggressive side knobs Folding bead c.Submit Close. Create Account Forgot Password. Roubaix All-purpose tubular ideal for rough terrains like setts or cobblestones paved roads, its tread guarantees the best grip for this kind of races on both dry or wet surfaces, the larger 24mm and more resistant structure will reduce.

Size x 22C 22 - Width 22 mm Weight gr. Carbon All-purpose racing tubular with the best balance in grip and low rolling resistance. Its tread grants great cornering stability and grip both on dry and wet roads, always giving you the best comfort thanks to the TPI corespun All-purpose open tubular that will give you more than you can expect from a clincher tyre.

Built with the same TPI casing of our tubular tyres for low rolling resistance and incredibly supple ride feelings. Suited for training and racing. Extreme The masterpiece of our production! Modeled on its predecessor "Servizio Corse" and more performing thanks to years of experience. A pro-competition tubular with outstanding grip and low rolling resistance. Its tread grants.

Alailable Now Delivery Veloflex Raven Tubular Tire - - black New dimensions for uncompromising performance The Raven tubulars are designed for rides on rough roads where reliability and grip are key. The Raven graduated. Record 28" No Compromise! That's the keyword at the base of Record 28". A tubular created to beat all the records thanks to its feather-light weight, outstanding grip and cornering stability. The full diamond tread pattern will push you.

Roubaix All-purpose tubular ideal for rough terrains like setts or cobblestones paved roads, its tread guarantees the best grip for this kind of races on both wet or dry surfaces, the larger 24mm and more resistant structure will reduce. Delivery Time : 3 weeks for size 51 and 54 for other sizes send us a request. Featuring the. Felt TK2. Rotor InSpider Powermeter. Sort price: Descending Ascending.

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Your request has been submitted. Thank you.The Veloflex Corsa Evo is a supple, grippy and fast-rolling open tubular tyre aimed at training and racing. Its tpi casing smooths out rough roads and keeps grip levels constant, while the tread compound is tenacious and confidence-inspiring in all weathers.

It's not tubeless ready, but the price and performance are great. The suppleness of the Corsa Evo is instantly noticeable. It's a tyre that seems like it's literally taking the edge off bumps: what felt like a square-edged ridge before suddenly seems a smoothly ramped lump. That's obviously a good thing for comfort — especially on my local Welsh roads with their rain-eroded canyons, gravel dunes and aggressively flattened badgers — but more importantly, it's a good thing for grip.

The tpi casing helps that strip of natural rubber and mica tread stay pressed into the road, instead of bouncing and skipping around, and helps the Corsa Evo feel very consistent. Veloflex's website pressure calculator recommends psi for me, and my experiments prove that accurate for good rolling and comfort on all but the worst tarmac.

On my 23mm rims they blow up just 0. They roll very well, and the profile put a spring in the step of my steering in comparison to wider, flatter sections, without ever feeling unstable.

They're just as inspiring on wet roads, too, with good grip and decent feedback. I never had any punctures despite running around 85psi and hitting some pretty poor bits of tarmac at speed.

Veloflex stuffs the Corsa Evo with letters — an SPS sidewall, an RKB breaker — and while I can't say for sure that the Sidewall Protection System or Resilient Kinetic Belt made the difference, I can say they didn't fail even after some pretty sharp and unexpected impacts with well-camouflaged potholes.

Veloflex Corsa Evo open tubular

The Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance is great but slightly heavier a claimed g for the 25mm; g for the 28mm on the road. That too is handmade, but also tubeless ready the HTLR denotes this, and not that it's made of, uh, Hitler. The Veloflex Corsa Evo Clincher is a fast, comfortable tyre with strong levels of predictable grip, and while it's not the cheapest or lightest, the ride feel is lovely. If you're a dedicated lover of tubes, this handmade Italian tyre is a great choice.

If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the road. Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Veloflex says: "Clincher tire with a soft TPI Threads Per Inch Corespun casing and an innovative compound to offer lower rolling resistance and amazing grip. Extraordinary road holding and a new extremely tenacious RKB Resilient Kinetic Belt breaker that improves puncture protection.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on road. It's very good: the Corsa Evo delivers a lovely, supple and consistent ride feel whether it's wet or dry, and is good value.

If you like road. As a subscriber you can read road. The revenue from adverts helps to fund our site. Your subscription will help us to do more. I'm generally an advocate of discs, but if i'm spending several thousand pounds on a carbon bike with mudguard eyelets, then i'm not taking it out I don't know if anyone is still reading here other than me. I tried fitting GP, which was an exercise in frustration. Even with three hands Another vote for shakedry. I do feel like I have to be a bit careful with it as the material The vs SRAM Rival article that has been, er, re-released to a grateful audience today, also contains the suggestion that the R medium Superfast gravel tyre that could be ideal for certain terrain and conditions, but limited use for typical British riding.

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Support road.The Veloflex Corsa is an open tubular style tire with a cotton casing and glued on tread just like the popular Vittoria Open Corsa. This is a review of the 25 mm version of the Corsa, a 23 mm version is available as well. The Veloflex Corsa comes with a black casing which is a bit different from most other cotton tires. If you prefer skin colored sidewalls, the Veloflex Master is available as well which is essentially the same tire except for the color of the casing.

Veloflex is a small manufacturer from Italy that is specialized in hand made, high-end road bike tires. They are mostly known for their tubular tires but make some clinchers as well.

The other clincher tire from Veloflex is the Record. The Record has an even lighter casing, thinner tread, and doesn't come with an anti-puncture belt.


For everyone that is looking for data on the Veloflex Record clincher tire: I've tested it only RR, no puncture and it comes in at 9. Specified weight of the Corsa is grams, my sample came in at grams which is a really nice weight. Total height is 22 mm. Compared to most other road bike tires, the Corsa is quite a small tire.

Most rated tires are just as big as the Corsa The total thickness of the tire at the center of the tread comes in at 2. I'm pretty sure this tire won't last as long as those tires. The average thickness of the sidewall is 0. It must be added that the thickness of the sidewall is 1 mm near the bottom of the sidewall and 0. Rolling resistance of the Veloflex Corsa isn't spectacularly low for a high-end tire, but definitely not bad either.

With a rolling resistance of I know the Record is much faster at 9. In the tread puncture resistance test, the Veloflex Corsa performs surprisingly well for such a thin tire. It looks like the Veloflex anti-puncture belt works well to stop a 1 mm steel needle from penetrating the tire.

When puncturing the sidewall, the Veloflex performs average. Most other high TPI, high-end tires seem to come in at 4 to 5 points in this test. Rolling resistance of the Veloflex Corsa is a bit on the high side for an expensive hand made tire. Another disadvantage is the low tire thickness of just 2. The pros are these tires come with a cotton casing, have a low weight, and still perform quite strong in the puncture resistance tests.

If these tires fit your needs, I don't see a reason to avoid them. Unfortunately, I can't comment on grip or wear between these tires as that could make a big difference as well. Please leave a comment and let me know if you like the Veloflex tires as I'm really curious about your opinion.